Ikea Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Ikea Singapore; the Ikea menu is like a food adventure inspired by the fantastic Los Ikea Singapore. Imagine a place where you can have tasty and affordable meals – that makes Ikea the go-to choice for many people. The menu has many delicious options influenced by the charm of Los Ikea Singapore, making Ikea an excellent spot for food lovers.

Our article isn’t just about the yummy menu; we’ve got the scoop on the latest prices and colourful pictures of each dish. Dive into the Ikea experience with the cool vibes of the Los Ikea family and IKEA SG. We’ve made it easy for you and Google to find the good stuff with words like Ikea. Get ready for a tasty journey that’s simple, delicious, and just a click away.

Ikea Menu Singapore 2024

We can easily categorise the Ikea Singapore Menu into the following: Mains | Starters | Plant-Based | Kids | Desserts | Swedish Bistro | Swedish Bakery |

Ikea Singapore Menu- Mains 

Salmon lasagna9.90 
Organic spaghetti with meatballs8.00 
Smoked pork ribs with black pepper sauce and mixed vegetable13.50 
Salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce10.00 
Plant balls with mashed potato and mixed vegetables – 8 Pieces6.50 
Swedish meatballs with mashed potato and mixed vegetables – 8 Pieces6.90 

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Ikea Singapore Starters Menu 

Lobster Bisque6.50 
Spring Roll 2 Pieces1.60 
Chicken Wings 4 Pieces6.90 
Marinated Salmon with Salad5.90 
Cold Water Prawn4.90 
Green Salad1.80 

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Ikea Plant-Based Menu 

Plant balls with mashed potato and mixed vegetable6.50 
Organic spaghetti with plant balls7.90 
Plant-based nuggets and organic spaghetti with tomato sauce8.00 

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Ikea Kids Menu Price 

Kids’ plant balls with mashed potato3.00 
Kids’ organic spaghetti with tomato sauce3.00 
Kids’ Swedish meatballs with mashed potato3.00 

Ikea Menu – Desserts

Almond Cake Slice3.50 
Apple Cake Slice2.00 
Chocolate Cake With Crunchy Caramel3.50 

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Ikea Swedish Bistro Menu 

Cage Free Chicken Wings – 6 Pieces8.90 
Curry Puffs – 5 Pieces6.00 
Spring Roll – 2 Pieces1.60 
Swedish Meatball in Cup3.50 
Veggie Hot Dog1.00 
Hot Dog1.00 

Ikea Swedish Bakery Menu

Black Olive Bread3.90 
Multigrain Bread3.50 
Walnut Traditional Bread4.00 
White Baguette1.50 
Chocolate & Hazelnut Muffin2.20 
Apple & Cinnamon Filled muffin2.20 
Blueberry Crumble Muffin2.00 
Caramel Filled Muffin2.20 
Almond Filled Croissant1.60 
Mini Butter Croissant0.90 
Choco Nuts Plait1.50 
Glazed Maple Pecan Plait1.50 
Cheddar Cheese twister1.90 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Ikea’s menu unique?

Ikea’s menu is super special. It’s inspired by the fantastic Los Ikea Singapore, which offers delicious and affordable dishes.

Why should I choose Ikea for dining out?

Ikea is a great choice because it offers a unique dining experience with tasty and budget-friendly meals. The charm of Los Angeles Singapore influences the menu, making it an excellent spot for food lovers.

Can I find options for different tastes and preferences?

Absolutely. Ikea’s menu has various options to suit different tastes and preferences, ensuring something for everyone.

How can I know the prices for Ikea’s dishes?

Finding out the prices is easy You can check Ikea’s menu online or visit the store for the most up-to-date information.

Are there any special deals or discounts at Ikea?

Yes, there are. Keep an eye on Ikea’s website or social media for announcements about special deals and discounts, making your meals even more affordable.

Can I customize my dish at Ikea?

Of course. Ikea is all about making your dining experience perfect. Feel free to ask their friendly staff to customize your dish.

Can I get Ikea’s food delivered or take it to go?

Yes, you can. Ikea offers delivery and takeout services, making it convenient to enjoy their delicious food at home or on the go.

Yes, it is. These spots offer the same excellent Ikea experience, including various affordable and tasty meals.

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Final Words

Ikea is not just a furniture store; it’s also a place for delicious and affordable meals inspired by the incredible Los Angeles Singapore. The food is yummy, and you can find options for everyone in the family. Whether you’re here for the furniture or the food, Ikea welcomes you with friendly vibes and tasty treats. The prices won’t break the bank, and enjoying Ikea’s goodness with options like delivery and takeout is super easy.

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